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At Tech Brand Staffing LLC, we believe in the transformative power of education. We are dedicated to supporting students from around the globe in their pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth. With a strong reputation built on trust, integrity, and a commitment to student success, we have become a leading resource for international students seeking guidance and support.

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Our Services

Unleashing Potential, Empowering Success

At Tech Brand Staffing LLC, we are your comprehensive solution for all your staffing needs. With our wide range of services, we ensure that your workforce requirements are met efficiently and effectively. Whether you are seeking temporary staffing, direct placement, or temp-to-hire solutions, we have got you covered.

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Your Pathway to Tech Excellence

Your Bridge to Exceptional Talent

We go beyond traditional staffing agencies by focusing on building long-term partnerships. Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial placement, as we provide ongoing support and ensure a seamless integration of talent within your team. We believe in fostering lasting relationships that drive your company's growth and propel you towards your goals.

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Who We Are

Tech Brand Staffing LLC

Tech Brand Staffing LLC is your one stop solution for all of your staffing needs. We can accommodate for all of your hiring requirements. Due to our recruiting industry experience, we can form business partnerships based on our dependability and quality of work.

Tech Brand Staffing LLC, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, was established solely to focus on arranging quality staffing solutions for our clients. Collectively, we have 15 years of industry staffing and recruitment experience. We provide staffing services for IT. A few fields where we have demonstrated our staffing skills and competence are in E-Commerce, IT and Software Development.




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Unleashing Potential, Inspiring Journeys

Founded in 2021, Tech Brand Staffing LLC provides talent solutions to customers of various sizes in the commercial and public sectors. As the founding members of Tech Brand, we have decades of experience in the industry as technology leaders, decision-makers, and hiring managers – we’ve been in your shoes. We are passionate about technology, but we are a people-first company. We strongly believe that if bright minds aligned on core values come together, wonderful things can happen.

Core Values and Work Philosophy

We hire based on our values and live by it. We enjoy solving complex technological problems for our customers.

Partnering for Success

We believe companies should embrace a digital and AI-first strategy to survive in this new era. A digital transformation journey is not easy, but our experience in digital and AI transformation makes it seamless and we would love to partner with you in your journey.

100% Trusted Company


Unlocking Your Potential with Exceptional Services

Direct Placement

Find the perfect fit for your organization with our direct placement service. We connect you with highly skilled candidates for permanent positions, ensuring long-term success.

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Temporary Staffing

Stay agile and responsive with our flexible temporary staffing solutions. Scale your workforce as needed, with qualified professionals who meet your immediate staffing requirements.

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Professional Services

Benefit from our expertise and industry insights with our professional services. We offer tailored solutions and strategic guidance to help your organization thrive in a competitive landscape.

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Temp to Hire

Make confident hiring decisions with our temp to hire service. Evaluate candidates on a temporary basis, ensuring the right fit before making a permanent commitment. Evaluating candidates hiring decisions.

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Our innovative approach drives success.

Our mission is to form strategic affiliations and to provide a competitive edge to our clients in various fields like: Technology, Software Development, QA/Testing, Systems Integration, Project Management, etc. While sustaining our foundational ideals, we will also comply with our employees' ambitions by delivering our exceptional and practical services.

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Richardson, Texas, USA